SIMCom A76xx Arduino Board

With extensive practical experience and continuous research and development efforts, the RnD/FAE team at EPI Vietnam Technologies proudly unveils the Arduino board using the module SIMCom as the main module: SIMCom Arduino Board Ver 1.0.

A notable feature of this design is its utilization of the openCPU architecture without the need for an external MCU, facilitating easy access, exploration, and experiential learning of SIMCom’s openCPU module product line.

Technical specifications:

  • Main module: A7672S_LASC openCPU
    • ARM Cortex-R5 chipset clocked up to 614MHz
    • 8MB Flash: 256kB user app, 32kB user data; 70kB file system
    • 16MB PSRAM: 512kB data, 1MB Heap.
  • 5x GPIO / (3.3V or 5V), external interrupt support; 1x PWM
  • 1x SPI / (3.3V or 5V)
  • 1x I2C / (3.3V or 5V)
  • 2x ADC
  • 2x UART / (3.3V or 5V)
  • 1x USB2.0 (peripheral)
  • Input: 5~18VDC / 5VDC USB Type-C
  • Output: 5V 2.5A; 4V 3A; 3.3V 300mA

Software: support VoLTE, SMS, FOTA, TCPIP, HTTP, MQTT, SSL, GPIO, SPI, UART, I2C,…

Advantages of using the SIMCom Arduino Board:

  • Direct programming access on the SIMCom module without the need for an external MCU.
  • Utilization of SIMCom modules as the primary modules on the Arduino board.
  • Maximum support from the FAE team at EPI, the authorized distributor of SIMCom products in Vietnam.
  • Provision of comprehensive documentation and detailed instructions for accessing SIMCom’s openCPU product line.

EPI Vietnam Technologies – The authorized distributor of SIMCom products in Vietnam:

• Email:

• Tel: +84 2462 817 448

Instruction document: SIMCom_Arduino_A7672

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