Featured Products


L-COM - LCMV42-CH : 42U cable management rail with simple design and high applicability

Advanced cable management system – LCMV42-CH from L-com with efficient handling configuration for all cable types 

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SIMCOM – SIM8260E: Multi-layer module with high applicability

SIMCOM offers the NR/LTE-FDD/LTE-TDD/HSPA multi-band SIM8260E module product line, supporting R16 5G NSA/SA. 

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HONGFA – HFKH Series: Automotive applications with high current capacity

The HFKH series – relay product line is designed by HONGFA with a small size for automotive application. 

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Sunlord –SWPA Series: Wire wound inductor with compact size, high application

The SWPA Series wire wound inductor product line from Sunlord achieves high performance and suitable used in power circuits. 

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PASTERNACK - PE20DV1048 : 4-port power divider 6GHz - 18 GHz

The PE20DV1048 power divider product from Pasternack has 4 output ports with an operating frequency range from 6GHz to 18 GHz. 

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T-Global - TG-A1660 Super soft heatsink for CPU,MCU

The TG-A1660 super soft heatsink product line from Tglobal with the ability to dissipate heat for CPUs, MCUs or chips operating in high temperature environments. 

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Holtek - BC45B4523: Application IC for NFC card reader development

With many years of experience in the field of IC and MCU manufacturing, the BC45B4523 multi-standard NFC reader IC product line from Hotek has always been highly appreciated. 

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Featured Products

INFY – REG1K025G: Charging module with a capacity of up to 20kW for electric vehicle applications

Electric vehicle charging modules play an important role in providing energy for today’s vehicles. Understanding that, INFY’s REG1K025G Module is a suitable choice with its highly isolated 3-phase 4-wire AC input and DC output voltage range of 150 to 1000 VDC. In addition, the product combines an output capacity of up to 20kW achieving high efficiency of over 95%.  

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NISSHINBO - NJR4234BW: Sensor module for calculating object distance through intelligent signal processing

The NJR4234BW distance measurement sensor module product from Nisshinbo is capable of measuring the distance to moving  or fixed objects with a measurement range of more than 20 meters. 

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SAMWHA - RD1J107M0811MPF: Aluminum electrolytic capacitors with wide operating temperature range for power supply circuits

Capacitor RD1J107M0811MPF comes from Samwha – a product used for power supply circuits. 

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RICHWAVE - RTC6603SP: SPDT antenna switch 0.1 GHz – 3.0 GHz

The SPDT – RTC6603SP antenna switching product line from Richwave is designed for the frequency range from 0.1 GHz to 3.0 GHz. 

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Winbond - W25Q64JVSSIQ SPI NOR Flash Dual/Qual 64Mbit with Operating Frequency 133/256/532 MHz

W25Q64JVSSIQ is a product that provides data storage solutions for systems with limited space, pins and power from the reputable memory company – Winbond.  


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