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EPI Vietnam Technology Co., Ltd. is heralded as the foremost entity in the domain of electronic component distribution, representing reputable global brands of distinction across the world. With over a decade of operational excellence and advancement, EPI Vietnam has solidified an unshakable reputation and fostered unwavering client trust through a steadfast commitment to quality, devoted service, and continual innovation.


Commitment to Quality:

EPI Vietnam takes pride in being a reliable source of premium-grade electronic components from leading global brands. We pledge to deliver high-quality electronic components, ensuring stable operations and optimal performance for our clients’ various applications.

Diverse Product Portfolio:

With an extensive and versatile product portfolio, EPI Vietnam caters to diverse needs spanning consumer electronics, industrial sectors, healthcare, telecommunications, and various other domains. Our offerings encompass electronic components, modules, sensors, and an array of technological solutions, enabling clients to effortlessly select and customize according to the specific requirements of their projects.

Professional Team:

EPI Vietnam boasts a proficient team rich in experience and profound expertise in the realm of electronic components. We are always prepared to assist clients through consultations, addressing inquiries, and devising optimal solutions tailored to their projects’ needs.

Service Assurance:

Our commitment to service excellence is paramount. EPI Vietnam guarantees outstanding customer service, encompassing product consultations, seamless order placement, swift delivery, and rapid response to fulfill every client’s requests promptly.

Get in Touch:

For those in search of a reliable partner in electronic component distribution, we invite you to connect with us at EPI Vietnam Technology Co., Ltd. We undertake the pledge to bring satisfaction and success to your projects through the supply of high-quality electronic components sourced from reputable global brands.

Contact Information:

  • Address: No 44M2, Alley 37, Tran Kim Xuyen, Yen Hoa, Cau Giay, Hanoi.
  • Phone: +84 2473 017 448
  • Email: info@epi-tech.com.vn
  • Website: epi-tech.com.vn

Let EPI Vietnam Technology Co., Ltd. become your trusted partner in furnishing top-tier electronic components that excel in both quality and performance.

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