Relay  is an indispensable mechatronic component in electrical relay applications, acting as a switch operated by current. With a wide range of applications and outstanding advantages,  Relay  of manufacturer  HONGFA  is known as a complete and reliable solution for lighting control field.



Wide load range:


  • Wide range lighting load response : 5A – 50A
    Resistance to surge current: 500A helps the product operate safely and efficiently, protecting from damage caused by current surges, circuit overloads and other sudden factors.

Various load types


Includes two types of antenna: Conventional Relay and Latching Relay, suitable for many different applications, saving energy.

Used for most types of lighting on the market: Incandescent lamps, Fluorescent lamps, Energy-saving lamps, LED lights, …


Street light system

The streetlight system integrates communication technologies into the controller, which is installed in street light poles with a ratio of 1:1.

Relay Hongfa allows easy lamp control by selecting the Relay type suitable for the light load and performing the light on and off via the network communicator.

A smart city

In buildings, using the smart home integrated lighting system: Adjusting on, off, increasing and decreasing the brightness of the living and decorative lighting systems through the Relay, Dimmer.


Outside the buildings, the lighting system includes: parks, campuses, corridors, parking lots, sports fields, etc.

Control through smart applications that integrate motion sensors, light sensors as well as network communicators.



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