Low-Cost Single Induction Cooktop Solution – Employing Continuous Control Method

Currently, there is a plethora of low-power single induction cooktop products on the market utilizing pulse-width modulation (PWM) control methodology. The utilization of this control method has resulted in significant electricity consumption and heating time. Hence, EPI is pleased to introduce to customers a design solution for single induction cooktops employing the continuous control method from officially distributed brands such as HOLTEK, TOSHIBA, and others. 

 This solution is tailored specifically for single induction cooktops featuring hardware-based pulse pattern generation (PPG) functionality. When operating at high power levels, this feature efficiently reduces the insulated-gate bipolar transistor (IGBT) voltage (Vce) and electromagnetic interference (EMI). Under identical power source conditions, this low-cost single induction cooktop solution utilizes frequency oscillation techniques to adjust the resonance switching frequency of the induction cooktop’s IGBT. Consequently, as the power source approaches its peak value, the IGBT voltage (Vce) can be efficiently decreased. 

 By meticulously selecting and integrating components from brands such as Holtek, Toshiba, Wayon, JCSC, and others, EPI confidently delivers to customers a cost-effective yet highly efficient single induction cooktop solution. 

Technical Specifications:

– Input voltage range: 150-265VAC, 50/60Hz 

– Standby power consumption: < 5W 

– Heating power: 100 – 2000W 

– Protection features: Optimally designed with overcurrent, overvoltage, and overheat protection functions. 


– Achieves 90% power boost 

– Reduces electricity consumption, aiding in energy conservation 

– Utilizes MCU with integrated high-voltage IGBT control functions, detecting when the cooking appliance is removed from the cooktop 

– Protection features: Optimally designed with overcurrent, overvoltage, and overheat protection functions 

– Low cost 

– Provides design support and sample source code from the manufacturer.

Key components utilized in the circuit:

  1. Induction Cooker Flash MCU: HT45F0059 – Holtek

   Technical specifications: 

   – Maximum frequency: 16MHz 

   – Operating voltage: 16 ~ 20V (typ: 18V) 

   – Program memory: 4Kx16 

   – Data memory: 256×8 

   – I/O: 12 

   – ADC: 12-bit x 9 channel 

   – Package type: 16NSOP 

   – Support modes: FAST, SLOW, IDLE, and SLEEP 

   Product link: HT45F0059

  2. IGBT – GT30N135SRA, S1E(S – Toshiba

   Technical specifications: 

   – RC-IGBT with integrated freewheeling diode (FWD) in the IGBT chip 

   – Maximum operating temperature: 175°C 

   – Maximum reverse voltage Vces: 1350V 

   – Current at 100°C: 30A 

   – High-speed switching: IGBT tf = 0.25µs (typ) (Ic = 60A) 

   – Package type: TO-247 

   – IGBT polarity: N-Channel 

   Product link: GT30N135SRA

  3. Touch A/D Flash MCU: BS86D20C – Holtek

   – Operating voltage: 2.2 ~ 5.5V 

   – Flash memory: 8K x 16 

   – EEPROM memory: 64×8 

   – Data memory: 768×8 

   – Supported touch key functions: 20 

   – Interfaces: I2C and UART 

   – 12-bit 8-channel external A/D converter 

   – Package type: 24/28 SOP 

   – I/O lines: 20 

   – Support for 2 Time-Base functions to generate fixed-time interrupt signals 

   Product link: BS86D20C

4. Other components

   – LP080F Resettable Fuse – Wayon 

   – Diode Bridge: GBJ2010 6GBJ – JSCJ 

   – LDO DC/DC Converter: CJ75L05 – JSCJ 

   – 7-segment LED display: KW4-40CCRB – Luckylight 

 Contact EPI Vietnam Technologies – Authorized distributor for professional consultation and complimentary support on samples and source code. 

Block diagram

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