TPD4163K, Small intelligent power device for brushless DC motors

Toshiba recently launched a line of small intelligent power devices for brushless DC motors, the TPD4163K.

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Designed in a through-hole HDIP30 package, the  TPD4163K helps reduce the installation area by 21% compared to Toshiba’s previous products. Besides, TPD4163K also improves performance and energy-saving capabilities. With all the above advantages, the TPD4163K is a promising product for brushless DC motor drive applications such as air conditioners, air purifiers, and pumps. 


  • High power supply voltage rating to secure operation margin for power supply voltage fluctuations: VBB = 600V 
  • Small package: through hole type HDIP30: 32.8mm×13.5mm (typ.), t=3.525mm (typ.) 


  • Dimensions: 32.8mm × 13.5mm x 3.525mm 
  • Power supply: VBB = 600 V 
  • Output current: 1 A 
  • Pins: 30 


  • Brushless DC motors in home appliances 
  • Fan motors (air conditioner, air cleaner, ventilation fan, ceiling fan, etc.) 
  • Pumps  

Learn more:   TPD4163K

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