RX4901CE and RX8901CE, High precision RTC Module

Epson has just launched the new generation of high-precision RTC (Real time clock) module series, RX4901CE, RX8901CE

 The product possesses compact size, energy saving, low current consumption, good stability and high accuracy. In addition, the product also integrates with scheduling, alarm, time stamping, and records up to 32 date and time of system activities. 


  • Frequency customization 
  • Low Vbat, Vdd 
  • Time update interruption 
  • Time stamp function, 32 times max 
  • Auto power switching function: automatically switches to backup power 


  • Dimensions: 3.2 x 2.5 x 1.0 (mm) 
  • Operation voltage: 1.6-5.5 (V) 
  • Temperature voltage: -40 – 105 (oC) 
  • Start-up time: tsta= 0.5 (s) (Ta= 25 oC, Vdd=1.6-5.5 V) 


  • BMS in automotive 
  • Utility Smart Meters  
  • Surveillance Security equipment 

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Video: Epson RX8901CE and RX4901CE | High-Accuracy RTC Modules

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