PE15A4007, New Generation High Power Amplifier

Pasternack has just launched a new generation of high power amplifiers, the PE15A4007.

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The product are designed with  2 SMA connectors with a rated power of 4 Watts. Minimum gain 30 dB. The amplifier has a Gain flatness of 1.25 dB with a P1dB of 36 dBm, ensuring high-power signal transmission with high accuracy and stability.

With a frequency range of 8.5 GHz to 11 GHz, the PE15A4007 is the perfect high-power amplifier for military, space, radar, measurement and telecommunications systems. 


  • High P1dB output power: 36 dBm 
  • High gain, min: 30dB 
  • Overvoltage protection for easy repair. 
  • Stable, high accuracy when transmitting high power. 


  • Dimensions: 92.5 x 85.1 x 17 (mm) 
  • Frequency range: 8.5-11 (GHz) 
  • Operating temperature: -30 – 60 (oC) 
  • Operating voltage: 12 (VDC) 
  • Noise figure: 5 (dB) 


  • Military, space 
  • Radar system 
  • Telecom 
  • Measurement

CAD Drawing:

Contact EPI Vietnam Technologies – the authorized distributor of PASTERNACK in Vietnam for technical support and samples.