MORNSUN VCB48XXSBO series DC/DC power solutions for telecommunication applications

The advent of 5G technology has captured the attention of telecommunications network developers and IoT design engineers alike.


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In response to the demanding design requirements of this new era, Mornsun proudly introduces a range of power solutions, with the standout being the VCB48xxSBO DC/DC power series, featuring a diverse selection of power ratings and output voltage options.


– Wide Input Voltage Range: 36-75VDC

– Customizable Output Voltages: 5, 12, 15, 24VDC

– Power Ratings: Extensive range from 3W to 100W

– Number of Outputs: 1

– Pin Type: SIP6, SIP8

– Isolation Voltage: 1500VDC

– Dimensions: Standard DOSA 1/16 Brick form factor


– Compliant with DOSA standards in an ultra-compact 1/16 Brick form factor, 33.02×22.86×10.4mm.

– Wide operating temperature range, ensuring suitability for outdoor applications.

– High operational efficiency, exceeding 80% under all load conditions, meeting the demands of 5G data transmission. Leveraging “Active Clamp” technology for efficient energy absorption and frequency conversion.


  • 5G Small Base Station: As small-sized 5G base stations gain popularity, Mornsun introduces the VCB4805SBO-50WR3 power solution. With an impressive 90% efficiency and a 50W power rating, it effectively steps down the voltage to 5VDC, providing power to communication modules and amplifiers.
  • Network 5G Repeater: 5G repeater units extend the coverage of 5G signals by amplifying and retransmitting signals received from base stations. These repeaters operate in harsh environments with high temperature requirements. Therefore, Mornsun’s VCB4812SBO-30WR3 offers a seamless solution for this application.

Mornsun’s VCB48xxSBO series exemplifies a commitment to delivering high-performance DC/DC power solutions tailored to the specific demands of cutting-edge telecommunications technologies, particularly in the rapidly expanding 5G landscape.