Mornsun LS05-26B12R3 AC/DC On-Board Converter Module

With many years of experience in the field of power research, Mornsun has successfully launched the AC/DC power conversion product LS05-26B12R3.

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With a compact, convenient design, this module can replace AD/DC power blocks on the circuit, saving product design time. 

 LS05-26B12R3 is designed with a wide input voltage range of up to 528 VAC and 745VDC, ensuring stability, even when the input voltage changes suddenly. This module can accept AC and DC input voltages. With high I/O isolation voltage up to 4000VAC, along with short circuit and overcurrent protection features, LS05-26B12R3 can completely ensure the safety of the device. 


– Input voltage: 90 ~ 528VAC and 100 ~ 745VDC 

– Operating temperature: -40 ~ 85*C 

– Maximum isolation voltage: 4000VAC 

– Output voltage: 12VDC 

– Output current: 420mA 

– Power consumption: 5W 

– Dimensions: 33.5*17.2*13 mm 

– Number of outputs: 1 

– Package type: SIP 


– Wide input voltage range 

– Large isolation voltage up to 4000VAC 

– Accepts both AC and DC input voltages 

– Short circuit and overcurrent protection at the output 

– Flexible conversion with 2 types of voltage 

– Save time designing circuits 


– AC/DC power converter 

– Industrial control 

– Electric power 

– Measuring equipment 

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