L-COM - WPUSBAX-05M USB Cable, Waterproof Panel Mount Type A Female - Standard Type A Male

As USB connection systems become more and more popular, the need for cabling becomes extremely necessary. The WPUSBAX-05M waterproof USB cable product type A Female from L-Com will meet your needs.

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The product has good water and dust resistance meeting IP67 standards, helping to limit damage caused by external factors to the device and save repair costs. The cable features an attachable USB A female connector, a waterproof panel, and a USB type A Male connector.

WPUSBAX-05M has 2 USB ports, so connecting to devices using USB ports is very easy.

With stable operation and fast and effective data transmission, WPUSBAX-05M is the perfect product for applications that connect data between devices such as computers, printers, industrial automation, and more. industry, data collection, testing and measurement, etc.


– Standard lengths: 0.3, 0.5, 1, 2, 3 and 5 meters

– Waterproof USB A to USB A 2.0 controller board female connector

– IP67 standard against water and dust

– 30 micro inch gold contact plating


– Good water and dust resistance

– Fast and stable data transmission

– Save maintenance costs


– Collect data

– Test and measurement

– Industrial automation

– Connect and transfer data between devices

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