Holtek - HT7533-1 for low-power DC-DC power conversion circuit systems

Holtek has launched the HT7533-1 product line specifically for low-power DC-DC power conversion circuit systems. 

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HT7533-1 is one of the low-power front-end products implemented in CMOS technology. With this CMOS technology, the HT7533-1 ensures low voltage drop and quiescent current. Besides, it provides 100mA output current, allows high input voltage up to 30V and can be used with external components to achieve variable output voltage and current. With a compact design with many different package styles, HT7533-1 helps users have many perfect design options. 


– Maximum input voltage: 30V 

– Maximum output current: 100mA 

– Output voltage: 3.3V 

-vPackage type: SOT89/SOT23-5 

– Static current: 2.5uA 

– Output voltage accuracy: tolerance ±3% 


– Compact size 

– Wide input voltage range 

– Low power consumption 

– Pressure drop and low current 

– High output accuracy 


– DC-DC power conversion circuit 

– Battery-powered devices 

– Communication equipment 

– Audio/video equipment 

 Link product: https://www.holtek.com/page/VG/HT7533-1 

Contact EPI Vietnam Technologies – the authorized distributor of Holtek in Vietnam for better support on products and prices: https://www.epi-tech.com.vn/    



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