ALPHAWIRE Xtra-Guard 2 25173/1 Cable abrasion resistant to withstand mechanical abuse

Alphawire has launched the Xtra-Guard 2 25173/1 signal transmission cable product line with high durability and resistance to abrasion. 

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Xtra-Guard 2 25173/1 is Alphawire’s quality product line, a heavy-duty cable with high durability. This product has a specially formulated tough polyurethane shell that provides three times more tear and abrasion resistance than conventional PVC and provides cut-through resistance from physical impacts. extremely high. Besides, with a conductor structure made of 16 AWG silver-plated copper and covered by a Polyester sheath, Xtra-Guard 2 25173/1 has medium to high resistance to most types of oils, solvents, chemicals, fuels… and extremely good anti-interference ability. With the above advantages, Xtra-Guard 2 25173/1 is the perfect product for signal transmission, military, fiber optic cable applications,… 


– Core material: silver-plated copper – 16AWG 

– Operating temperature: -30 to 90°C 

– Operating voltage: 300V 

– Sun and abrasion resistance: Yes 

– Maximum tensile capacity: 86 lbs 

– Color: Brown, Sky Blue, Blue/Yellow 


– Heavy duty cables for use in industrial applications that are subject to frequent mechanical wear and abuse 

– Features a sturdy, specially formulated polyurethane shell that provides three times more tear and abrasion resistance than regular PVC 

– 16AWG silver-plated copper structure provides extremely high resistance to cuts and physical damage 

– Designed with moderate to high resistance to most oils, solvents, chemicals and fuels 

– Provides exceptional protection against EMI interference when Supra-Shield is specified. 


– Signal transmission 

– Military 

– Optical fiber 

– Industrial applications 

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