eSIM VALID – Innovative Solution Leading the “Mobile Network-Connected Product” Market

The current IoT market is heavily focused on projects utilizing communication modules, including LTE/NB-IoT/CAT-M. In these applications, eSIM – VALID is an indispensable component that is consistently receiving attention and investment from the R&D team for application development and network expansion.

Technical Specifications:

  • Brand: VALID – Brazil – among the top renowned brands in the eSIM field.
  • Standard Size: 5x6mm MFF2 DFN8
  • Programming Language: AT commands
  • Networks: Viettel and Mobifone


  • Reputable Brand: With over 5 years of operation in Vietnam, VALID is a trusted and strategic partner both internationally and domestically.
  • Diverse Product Range: VALID eSIM is progressively growing and diversifying, introducing various eSIM lines such as single profile, double profile, and aiming for multiple profiles in the near future.
  • Compact Size: Its diminutive size, resembling a small IC, significantly reduces the circuit board’s space consumption, freeing up valuable area compared to physical SIM cards and SIM sockets.
  • On-Board Fixation Capability: eSIM has been improved for soldered fixation onto the circuit board, enhancing sturdiness and accelerating communication speed with processors.
  • Prioritized by Network Providers: Viettel and Mobifone have initiated numerous programs and incentives to expand the reach of eSIM, attracting a wider customer base and promoting infrastructure development.


Water Meters:

Water meters prioritize compact design, energy efficiency, and waterproofing. With the requirement for NB-IoT/4G communication without SIM removal, eSIM VALID becomes the perfect choice. Multiple network providers are advancing NB-IoT, coupled with the stability of eSIM VALID. Water meters are undoubtedly one of the foremost applications to watch in the near future.


The demand for tracking vehicles, individuals, objects, and pets is becoming a prevailing trend. For compact and convenient tracker devices, eSIM is an incredibly suitable option. Numerous tracker products utilizing 4G/NB-IoT/CAT-M communication methods require SIM cards for data transmission and communication.

Smart Devices:

In today’s landscape, smart devices are increasingly ubiquitous and essential. Smartwatches, health-supporting devices, smart speakers, and more all necessitate network connectivity and communication. Consequently, the demand for eSIM is indispensable.