1. Global semiconductor output increased 8.4% in the third quarter

According to Omdia’s latest report, due to the constantly increasing demand for artificial intelligence, the total output value of the semiconductor industry increased by 8.4% in the third quarter compared to the second quarter in 2023, reaching 139 billion VND. USD. 

The report points out that artificial intelligence is currently the most important market in the semiconductor industry. The companies that benefit the most from this market are Nvidia and SK Hynix. Nvidia’s semiconductor revenue increased 18% to $12 billion, SK Hynix also achieved 26% growth to $6.7 billion. , 

This is considered a good sign for the semiconductor industry, when besides AI, other manufacturing applications are also showing positive signs of recovery. After 5 consecutive quarters of decline, the semiconductor industry finally had 2 consecutive quarters of growth. 

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2. Amkor builds a new semiconductor packaging factory

Amkor Technology recently announced it will invest $2 billion to build a new advanced semiconductor packaging and testing facility in Arizona that will package and test Apple chips produced at the manufacturing facility. TSMC chip nearby. 

Amkor said it will provide the most advanced semiconductor packaging and testing services to provide the best service to Apple. Amkor said the facility will be the United States’ largest outsourced packaging facility. To ensure progress for the construction and operation process, Amkor is also seeking funding from the Ministry of Commerce’s semiconductor subsidy program. In addition, the Arizona State Senator said “as one of the first advanced packaging facilities in the US, this is a big step forward in reducing dependence on other countries in the microchip supply chain”.

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3. Samsung, SK hynix, Micron compete in the high bandwidth memory (HBM) market

With the remarkable development of AI, high bandwidth memory (HBM) is increasingly playing an important role in the semiconductor industry. In the HBM market competition, Samsung Electronics, SK hynix and Micron are three direct competitors. 

Nvidia’s plan to diversify its HBM suppliers signaled the end of SK hynix’s monopoly, opening the door to unlimited competition from other manufacturers. Realizing the needs of the market, especially Nvidia for HBM, Samsung Electronics and Micron are the two technology giants that joined this war the earliest. With Micron participating in the production of the HBM3E and Samsung Electronics planning to completely change the technology and launch the HBM3E “Shinebolt” DRAM. With large amounts of capital being poured into HBM research and production, experts predict that the HBM market competition in the coming years will become increasingly fierce. 

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