1. Murata announced the construction of a new R&D center

Murata recently announced that it will build a new R&D center in Japan. The specific location chosen is in Shiga prefecture.

The facility covers an area of 9966.77 square meters and has a total floor area of 64850.24 square meters. Construction will begin in February 2024 and is expected to be completed in May 2026.

The construction of the new research center is intended to demonstrate Murata’s plan to develop and diversify and enhance product features. Besides, having a new research center also helps Murata strengthen trust in relationships with stakeholders such as the government, sponsors, customers and local supporting industries. With geographical advantages, the new research center is expected to create advanced, industry-leading products and technologies.

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2. SEMI: The global semiconductor manufacturing industry is expected to recover in 2024

According to the latest report from SEMI, the global semiconductor manufacturing industry is recovering, with sales of electronic and microchip products growing in the last quarter of 2023 and expected to grow even more in 2024.

In Q4 2023, the electronics and semiconductor market recorded a positive recovery with electronics sales increasing 1% year-on-year, marking an important milestone after a series of declines in the second half. 2022. IC sales have also grown by 10% this quarter, and are forecast to continue to increase strongly in Q1 2024, with a growth of 18%. While improvements are modest in capital expenditure and factory utilization rates, a slight recovery is expected from 1Q24.

Capital spending and factory utilization rates are expected to recover slightly starting in 1Q24 after a significant decline in the second half of 2023.

Industry experts such as Clark Tseng from SEMI and Boris Metodiev from TechInsights both predict a positive future for the semiconductor and electronics market. While the semiconductor market’s recovery is expected to be driven by growing demand and developments in AI technology, the electronics market is also showing positive signs. Forecasts for 2024 show steady growth and improvement in factory utilization rates, especially in the IC and consumer electronics products sectors.

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3. Arrow Electronics Returns to ECIA

Arrow Electronics Inc. has made a significant industry move by rejoining the Electronic Components Industry Association (ECIA) as a new member, a decision that underscores evolving dynamics within the electronic components sector.

After departing from ECIA in 2019 along with Avnet Inc. and the RS Group to establish the Global Electronics Distributors Association (GEDA), Arrow’s return signals a reconfiguration in industry alliances. The dissolution of GEDA in August 2023, as confirmed by opencorporates, marks a pivotal moment, with Avnet Inc. and RS Group now counted among ECIA’s membership.

David Loftus, CEO and president of ECIA, expressed enthusiasm about Arrow’s return, emphasizing ECIA’s commitment to enhancing efficiencies in the electronic components supply chain. Loftus highlighted the association’s role as the sole platform bringing together all channel partners to address global supply chain challenges effectively. With Arrow’s reintegration, ECIA aims to leverage their expertise and influence to drive forward its initiatives, including integration into key councils and committees.

As the electronic components market continues to navigate challenges such as clashes between suppliers and distributors and disruptions like the semiconductor shortage, ECIA stands as a beacon of collaboration and innovation. The association’s inclusive approach, now encompassing manufacturers’ representatives among its members, underscores its commitment to fostering robust relationships and advancing technology. With the industry poised for growth despite ongoing complexities, Arrow’s return to ECIA signals a renewed focus on collaboration and mutual advancement within the electronic components ecosystem.

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