1. U.S. chip output expected to triple by 2032 

According to the Semiconductor Industry Association (SIA), chip production in the United States will boom in the next few years, reducing the dependence of the US semiconductor industry on East Asia. SIA notes that US semiconductor manufacturing capacity will triple by 2032, which will increase the US semiconductor manufacturing market share from 10% to as high as 14%. 

The increase would reverse a decline in US domestic chip production, which has been shifting to Asia in recent decades. 

“We have always said the Chip Act is a strong first step, but we need to take many more steps to achieve this goal,” said SIA CEO John Neuffer. aware that manufacturing is overly concentrated in East Asia.” 

SIA predicts that by 2032, the US will produce 28% of advanced logic chips, of which Taiwan accounts for 47%, South Korea accounts for 9% and mainland China accounts for 3%. 

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2. SIA reported global semiconductor sales increased 15.2% year-on-year in the first quarter 

Latest report from the Semiconductor Industry Association (SIA), global semiconductor sales totaled 137.7 billion USD and increase of 15,2% compared 2023. Sales in March 2024 decreased 0.6% compared to February 2024. 

“First-quarter global semiconductor sales were significantly higher than last year’s first-quarter total, but sales declined slightly month-on-month and quarter-over-quarter,” said John Neuffer. reflects normal seasonal trends.” 

SIA President and CEO: “The market is expected to continue growing for the remainder of the year, with double-digit annual growth expected for 2024.” 

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3. Analog Devices announces expanded partnership with TSMC 

Analog Devices, Inc. announced that the company has a special agreement with TSMC, the world’s leading specialty semiconductor manufacturer, to provide long-term wafer capacity through Japan Advanced Semiconductor Manufacturing, Inc. (“JASM”), a majority-owned manufacturing subsidiary of TSMC in Kumamoto Prefecture, Japan. 

Building on ADI’s 30+ year partnership with TSMC, this adds another option for ADI to secure additional capacity of high-end technology nodes to serve operationally critical platforms business, including Wireless BMS (wBMS) and Gigabit Multimedia Serial Link (GMSL™) applications. These joint efforts strengthen ADI’s flexible hybrid manufacturing network, which insulates external factors while supporting the means to increase output and scale rapidly to meet consumer demand. client. 

“Today’s announcement demonstrates TSMC’s commitment to helping customers meet their long-term capacity needs,” said Sajiv Dalal, Executive Vice President of Business Development at TSMC North America. Mr. Sajiv Dalad delighted to expand our continued collaboration with ADI to help ensure a steady and dynamic semiconductor innovation journey with strong manufacturing capabilities. 

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