1. SK Hynix Set to Finalize Acquisition of Key Foundry

SK Hynix appears to be nearing the completion of its acquisition of Key Foundry, a Korean semiconductor manufacturing plant specializing in analog ICs. SK Hynix aims to expand its 8-inch semiconductor wafer production business, which has recently seen a significant surge in demand, through the acquisition of Key Foundry. Currently, a severe supply shortage is ongoing in the 8-inch semiconductor wafer manufacturing industry.

Details: SK Hynix Close to Wrapping up Acquisition of Key Foundry

2. TI’s Capacity Shortage Situation Expected to Improve in Q3-2022

Texas Instruments recently communicated to its customers that their chip shortage situation will see improvement in the third quarter. The industry anticipates that the supply of certain types of analog chips will improve in the latter half of this year, especially versatile analog chips. TI’s efforts to address its capacity shortage indicate an overall enhancement in the supply of the analog chip industry, potentially leading to chip price reductions.

Details: TI’s capacity shortage is said to ease in Q3

3. TE Announces Price Increase

TE Connectivity has recently announced its intention to implement price hikes starting in July. In the announcement, TE noted that despite taking various productivity-enhancing measures, it continues to face challenges stemming from unusual inflation. TE cannot fully offset the scale and pace of these crises.

Details: TE issues price increase notice