HOLTEK MINI KIT – The new MCU series facilitates product development and testing

In the context of a chip market with insufficient supply, EPI Vietnam Technologies introduces readers to a chip line from HOLTEK, a manufacturer based in Taiwan, designed in the form of a mini KIT with an attached peripheral configuration tool to facilitate user development and testing.



Main MCU:

HT32F52230 Core ARM M0+

Flash/Ram: 32KB/4KB

Peripherals: 2xUART, 1xI2C, 1xSPI, 8 channels ADC 12-bit, 19 IO, 4xTimer

Frequency: 40MHz

Package: 24SSOP

Powered via micro USB

Integrated USB to UART

Standard SWD code programming

IDE: KeilC


  • EPI provides free sample chips and mini KITs.
  • Access to new MCU line with technical support from EPI and the manufacturer.
  • Configuration tools and sample code make it easy for users to access and develop products.
  • IDE used with KeilC/IAR, code programming through the familiar SWD standard (usually with j-link) for users.


EPI Vietnam Technologies – Authorized Distributor of HOLTEK in Vietnam

– Email: info@epi-tech.com.vn

– Tel: +84 2462 817448

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