Gateway applications with the task of making central processors in smart homes are increasingly being covered. The product brings many conveniences to the living space, but there are still problems such as when the network line leads to the network device and the connection to the remote-control device is lost. To improve this problem, EPI Vietnam introduces the Gateway 4G solution using modules from leading reputable manufacturers such as: 4G SIM from SIMCOM, 1Gbit Flash – F50L1G41LB-104YG2M from ESMT and quartz FC-135 / FC-135 TYPE from EPSON. 

The Gateway 4G device stands out with the 4G SIM module A7683E, optimal for use when the Ethernet network line has problems, leading to loss of connection between other electronic devices. To overcome this situation, Gateway will switch to using 4G to continue to maintain connection with other devices in the home without interruption during use. 

In addition to connecting to phones and other devices via Ethernet and Wi-fi, Gateway 4G is also equipped with 2 connections: Bluetooth and Zigbee to control devices even without an Ethernet network. 

Gateway 4G equipment uses components from brands that EPI Technologies Vietnam is distributing such as: SIMCOM, ESMT, EPSON,… EPI is confident in providing customers with quality solutions serving the smarthome market. 


Technical Specifications:

– The device supports Ethernet wired network 

– 2.4G/5.8G dual Wi-fi receiver 

– Communication standards Zigbee, BLE mesh 

– Operating voltage: 12V – 2A 

– Support 4G – LTE 


Smart connection 

Flexibly switch connections between wired and 4G networks

Supports connection and control even when there is no network via BLE, Zigbee 

Supported with source code and samples from the company 

Key components utilized in the circuit:

1. 4G SIM Module A7683E – SIMCOM 

Technical specifications: 


– Downlink speed 10Mbps, uplink 5Mbps 

– Operating voltage: 3.4 ~ 4.2V, type: 3.8V 

– Size: 15.7*17.6*2.4mm 

– Supports USB2.0, UART, ADC, GPIO,… 

– Compatible with SIM800C, SIM868 series, A7672E, SIM 7080G, etc. 

Product link: A7683E

2. Flash 1Gbit – F50L1G41LB-104YG2M  – ESMT  

Technical specifications: 

– Operating voltage: 3.3V (2.7 ~3.6V) 

– Maximum current consumption: 20mA 

– Operating frequency: 104Mhz 

– Memory capacity: 1Gbit 

– Leg style: 8WSON 8x6mm 

– Data transmission speed: 9.6ns 

– Communication standard: SPI 

Product link: Flash SPI NAND


3. FC-135 Quartz 32.768000kHz 12.5 +20.0-20.0 – EPSON 

Technical specifications:  

– Dimensions: 3.2 × 1.5 × 0.80 mm 

– Operating frequency: 32.768 kHz 

– Operating temperature: -40 °C to +105 °C 

Product link: FC-135 / FC-135 TYPE

4. Other components 

– AH2G.201: BLE Antenna, Zigbee, Wi-Fi – AntennaHome 

– AMMAL004: 4G Antenna – Amotech 

– MT7107SSBR: Power IC – M3tek 

– TC series tantalum capacitors – Sunlord 

– TRJG4801HENL: Network seeds – Trxcom 

– RX8010SJ B: RTC – Epson  

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Block diagram

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