XP POWER – HPF3K0 Series with complex digital control achieving efficiency up to 93%

XP POWER introduces the HPF3K0 Series 3kW product line that uses single-phase input and is programmable. 

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With many years of experience in the field of research and development of power source products in the civil and military fields, the HPF3K0 Series from XP Power is a programmable AC/DC power product. 

The product provides up to 3kW of power from a single-phase input with a single output voltage, configurable in the 0V to 60V range. The HPF3K0 is equipped with a user-friendly GUI, making it easy to configure and monitor the system without the need for additional hardware. 

With a powerful digital architecture, the Boot Loader feature updates software, supports communication standards such as PMBus, Modbus, CANopen, SCPI, etc., helping users have many convenient connection options. The HPF3K0 is integrated with two additional programmable cooling fans to control rotation speed and effectively dissipate heat. 

HPF3K0 Series provides a set of sophisticated digital control and monitoring functions achieving up to 93% efficiency, approved by the Ministry of Health, ITE and IT safety making the product ideal for many Medical and industrial applications such as medical imaging, surgical equipment as well as test and measurement, factory automation, etc. 


– Input voltage: 90 – 264 VAC 

– Output voltage: 0-60 VDC 

– Output current: 0 – 125A 

– Supports connection standards: PMBus, Modbus, CANopen, SCPI,.. 

– Output power: 3kW 

– Efficiency up to 93% 

– 1 phase input 

– Supports overheating, overvoltage, overload, circuit protection functions. 

– Dimensions: 279.4 x 177.8 x 63.5mm 


– High output capacity 

– Good ability to measure, monitor and calibrate output voltage 

– Supports many connection standards for programming 

– Operating efficiency up to 93% 

– Overtemperature, overvoltage, overload, circuit protection functions. 

– Meets health, industrial and information technology safety standards 


– Medical equipment 

– Industry 

– Quantity measurement and factory automation 

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