WSRSIC010065NNI-AT, new generation SiC Schottky diode

In the development of the automotive industry, efficiency, energy saving and environmental protection are becoming increasingly important.

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Understanding that, Way-on recently launched the WSRSIC010065NNI-AT product line, a new generation SiC Schottky Diode for industry and automobiles. The product offers a series of advantages, including the ability to withstand high voltage and current, fast switching speed, low power loss, and the ability to operate stably in high-temperature environments.

This helps optimize the performance and efficiency of the car’s electronic systems while reducing energy consumption and emissions. With the above advantages, WSRSIC010065NNI-AT is the perfect candidate for applications in electric vehicle charging stations and industrial power supplies. 


  • Excellent stable performance at high temperatures 
  • Low forward voltage 
  • Operating temperature up to 175oC 
  • Meets AEC-Q101 standards for automobiles 


  • Dimensions: 27.5 mm x 9.65 mm x 4.1 mm. 
  • Maximum reverse voltage: 650 V 
  • DC blocking voltage: 650 V  


  • EV Charging Station, OBC  
  • Industrial PFC Power Supply (which needs high reliability for the Schottky diode) 

Contact EPI Vietnam Technologies, the authorized distributor of WAY-ON in Vietnam for technical support and samples.