Winbond W25Q256JVEIQ 256M-bit Serial Flash Memory

With many years of experience in the field of Memory, Winbond has launched the SPI-NOR Flash W25Q256JVEIQ product line with high performance and stability. 

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W25Q256JVEIQ is a product that provides data storage solutions for systems with limited space, pins and power. This product offers superior flexibility and performance compared to conventional serial flash on the market, suitable for voice, text and data storage. W25Q256JVEIQ has low current consumption of 1uA when powered off to help save energy. The operating frequency is up to 133Mhz and is supported to enable clock speeds equivalent to 266Mhz allowing for quick access. Supports industrial SPI communication standard. With the above advantages, W25Q256JVEIQ is the perfect product for applications such as gateway, Smartbox, etc. 


– SPI-NOR Flash 

– Memory: 256Mbit 

– Operating voltage: 2.7 ~ 3.6V (typ: 3V) 

– Foot type: WSON-8 

– Operating temperature: -40 ~ 85*C 

– Operating frequency: 133Mhz 


– Compact design, saves circuit space 

– Flexibility and superior performance compared to conventional serial flash on the market 

– Low power consumption, energy saving 

– Operating frequency up to 133Mhz for quick data access 


– Smartbox 

– Gateway 

– Voice text storage applications 

– IoT devices 

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