Wayon LB080F - Optimal recovery fuse protects electrical circuits

The recovery fuse LB080F from Wayon with super compact size and optimal price supports and protects electrical circuits safely. 

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Electricity has become an indispensable part of work and daily life. However, when the power source is not handled carefully during installation, it will lead to short circuits and fires during use. LB080F will be a product that supports and protects electrical circuits safely with an ultra-compact size and reasonable price. Wayon’s LB080F has been trusted and used by many users in Vietnam, Taiwan, China, … 

Besides, the LB080F AC resettable fuse is used at the input of the AC power on the device. With an input voltage of up to 250VAC, it will help the device avoid the risk of sudden voltage increases and the self-healing ability ensures the device still operates stably. 


  • Vin max: 250Vac 
  • IH (Hold current): 80mA. 
  • IT (Trip current): 160mA 
  • Max Trip Current:0.5A 
  • Max Trip Time(s):3.00 
  • Imax:3.0A 
  • Package: DIP 


  • Wide input voltage range 
  • Ability to self-recover when a sudden pressure increase occurs, protecting equipment safely 
  • Reduce costs and equipment warranty time 
  • Achieved UL, RoHS, TUV certificates 
  • Compact size: 5.8×9.9×4.6 mm 


  • AC input power circuit 
  • Protection circuit 

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