UNITEDSIC - UJ4C075033K4S: MOSFET 750V/33mOhm with extremely low gate charge & exceptional reverse recovery

UnitedSic introduces to customers the high-performance UJ4C075033K4S Mosfet 750V 33Ohm Gen 4 SiC product line.

Sic FET is based on a specialized Cascode strong configuration, which is a combination of an always-on SiC JFET with a Si MOSFET to create an always-on SiC FET. The UJ4C075033K4S uses a common, standard port open/dynamic control feature that allows the use of the device’s existing port drivers. Therefore, when changing the design for Si IGBT or Si/MOSFET SiC super contact, it is necessary to have in-depth knowledge and technical understanding to ensure product compatibility.

Additionally, this MOSFET has extremely low gate charge and exceptional resilience, making it ideal for inductive load transfer applicable to any application requiring a standard gate driver.

With the above advantages, UJ4C075033K4S is the perfect product applicable to electric vehicle chargers, PV inverters, power factor correction modules, switch mode power supplies,…


– Maximum Vds: 750V

– Rds: 33Ohm

– Id: 47A

– Maximum operating temperature: 175*C

– ESD protection: HBM class 2 and CDM class C3


– Extremely low port charge level

– Exceptional reverse recovery ability

– Wide operating voltage and temperature range

– ESD protection function


– Electric vehicle charging

– Power factor correction module

– PV inverter

– Motor Driver

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