Toshiba TPH1400CQH, ideal MOSFET for switching voltage regulator

Toshiba recently launched a Mosfet product line ideal for switching voltage regulators, the TPH1400CQH.

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The product possesses small gate charge, small output charge combined with low drain-source resistance, helping to reduce circuit losses. Besides, the low detection current, IDSS = 10µA, helps optimize the accuracy of the entire circuit. With all the above advantages, the TPH1400CQH is the perfect product for applications in the design of high-performance DC-DC converters, switching voltage regulators and motor drivers. 


  • High-speed switching 
  • Small gate charge: QSW = 8.5 nC (typ.) 
  • Small output charge: Qoss = 56 nC (typ.) 
  • Low drain-source on-resistance: RDS(ON) = 11.4 mΩ (typ.) (VGS = 10 V), helps reduce circuit losses. 
  • Low leakage current: IDSS = 10µA (max) (VDS = 150 V), optimize accuracy for the entire circuit. 


  • Dimension: 6.1 x 5.15 x 0.28 mm  
  • Channel temperature: 175 oC 
  • Drain-source voltage: 150 V 
  • Gate-source voltage: 20V 
  • Drain-source on-resistance: RDS(ON) = 11.4 m 


  • High-efficiency DC-DC converters  
  • Switching voltage regulators  
  • Motor drivers 

Contact EPI Vietnam Technologies – the authorized distributor of Toshiba in Vietnam for technical support and samples. 



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