TOSHIBA - TPH1400CQ5: voltage up to 150V helps reduce power consumption for the power source

N-channel power Mosfet – TPH1400CQ5 150V uses the new generation U-MOSX-H process, equipped with reverse recovery characteristics by Toshiba with extreme recovery time. 

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TPH1400CQ5 is a product that Toshiba has improved its reverse recovery characteristics with a recovery time about 45% faster than other products in the same segment. Mosfet helps reduce power loss when switching power sources and improve efficiency.   

With an operating voltage of up to 150V 32A, TPH1400CQ5 is the perfect choice for applications requiring high power. Ability to dampen power discharge voltage spikes created between the mains and gas source Mosfet, helping to reduce EMI when switching power.  

TPH1400CQ5 has a high operating temperature range of up to 175*C, so it can operate well in harsh conditions without reducing operating capacity. With the above advantages, TPH1400CQ5 is the perfect product for high-performance AC/DC, DC/DC switching power supplies, motor control devices, etc. 


– Discharge source voltage Vdss: 150V 

– Discharge current (DC) Id: 32A 

– Temperature range: up to 175*C 

– Recovery time: 36 ns 

– Resistance Rds(on): 11.4 m Ω 

– Idss current: 10uA (max) 


– High temperature range 

– Fast reverse recovery ability 

– Reduce losses, save energy 

– High power 


– High performance AC/DC, DC/DC switching power supply 

– Motor control device 

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