TOSHIBA - TCR3UF33A,LM(CT linear power IC with low quiescent current

Toshiba launched the TCR3UF33A,LM(CT linear power IC product line with ultra-low quiescent current, 300mA CMOS low-dropout regulator with instant fast loading.

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TCR3UF33A,LM(CT is a CMOS processing, single output voltage regulator with on/off control input. This power IC has extremely low quiescent bias current and low external voltage level. TCR3UF33A,LM( The CT integrates voltage regulators at a fixed 3.3V output and is capable of transmitting up to 300mA, ensuring output performance is always guaranteed.

In addition, TCR3UF33A, LM(CT) also has an overcurrent protection function to ensure that the device always operates stably and limits the risk of sudden incidents. Furthermore, the function of reducing current when starting to help save power for the device when starting up. High ripple rejection rate of 70 dB at the output voltage, limiting output signal interference for the device.

The above outstanding advantages are present in TCR3UF33A, LM(CT) which will be the perfect product for mobile network applications, phones, IoT devices, power circuits, wearable devices, etc.


– Input voltage: 1.5 – 5.5 V

– Output voltage: 3.3V

– Output current: 300mA

– Low quiescent bias current (IB = 0.34 uA at Iout = 0mA, Vout up to 1.5V)

– High Vout accuracy: ±1.0 %

– Operating temperature: -40 to +85*C

– Battery type: SOT-25

– Low voltage drop: VDO = 206 mV at 3.3 V output, IOUT = 300 mA


– Integrated output voltage regulator

– Extremely low static bias current

– Overcurrent protection function

– Function to reduce current when starting, saving energy

– High ripple rejection ratio of 70 dB at output voltage, reducing noise


– Mobile application

– IoT devices

– Wearable devices

– Source circuit

Learn more: TCR3UF33A,LM(CT

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