Toshiba – TC78B016FTG,EL controls an energy-saving brushless DC motor

Toshiba introduces the BLDC product line TC78B016FTG,EL MCU to control brushless DC motors to improve motor transmission efficiency and save energy. 

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Meets growing market demand for energy saving and high-performance motor operation. TC78B016FTG,EL is suitable for design with 3-phase sinusoidal pulse width driver for brushless motors. 

The MCU can control the motor’s rotational speed by varying the duty cycle, based on the speed control input. The product has an operating voltage of up to 40V and an output current of 3A, convenient for circuit design. The input signal can be a pulse width modulation (PWM) signal or an analog signal to control the speed of the motor easily. 

TC78B016FTG,EL supports tilt angle control function in two modes: automatic (proportional to frequency/phase control) and external angle control (32 steps corresponding to 0° to 58°). Besides, the product integrates the function of monitoring power voltage and overcurrent detection (ISD). 

With the above advantages, TC78B016FTG,EL is the perfect product for BLDC motor control devices such as wall fans, ceiling fans, etc. 


– 3-phase sinusoidal electrical pulse control 

– Operating voltage up to 40V 

– Output current: 3A 

– Input signal: pulse or analog 

– Operating frequency: 200kHz 

– Power: 4.1W 

– Operating temperature: -40 to + 105*C 

– Battery model: WQFN-36 


– Energy saving 

– Smooth engine control 

– Wide input voltage range 

– Improve engine transmission performance 

– Can control the motor using pulse or analog signals 


– Brushless BLDC motor control 

– Ceiling fans, wall fans 

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