Toshiba SSM10N961L New generation 30V N-channel Mosfet used in battery management

Toshiba recently launched a new generation 30V N-channel mosfet product line for battery management applications, SSM10N961L.

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 Improved from the 12V mosfet product line, the SSM10N961L helps realize applications requiring high voltage, such as load switching for power lines of USB charging devices and protecting lithium-ion battery packs in computers laptops and tablets. In particular, the SSM10N961L is also capable of bidirectional switching with low resistance in a single configuration, which requires two mosfet configurations. This not only helps optimize the system but also helps reduce the installation area on the board. With all the above advantages, SSM10N961L is a potential product for battery management applications in USB PD, smartphones, laptops and tablets. 



  • High source-source voltage rating: VSSS=30V 
  • Low on-resistance: RSS(ON)=9.9mΩ (typ.) (VGS=10V) 
  • Common‐drain connection structure for bi-directional conduction 
  • Small and thin type TCSPAG-341501 package: 3.37mm×1.47mm (typ.), t=0.11mm (typ.)  


  • Package size: 3.37mm×1.47mm x 0.11mm 
  • Internal connection type: Common-drain 
  • High source-source voltage rating: VSSS=30V 


  • Smartphones 
  • Laptop PCs 
  • Tablets 

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