Toshiba - GT30N135SRA : Silicon N-Channel IGBT good performance

Toshiba has launched the new generation IGBT product line GT30N135SRA. 

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GT30N135SRA is a high performance IGBT product line, with collector-emitter voltage max 1350V, collector current (DC) at 100*C 30A, this product ensures quality and stable operation. GT30N135SRA can switch quickly, can withstand high pressure up to 1350V and has low load capacity and pressure drop. Using this IGBT from Toshiba helps save energy, operates stably, and is easy to use. GT30N135SRA is the perfect product for home appliance applications such as induction cookers, voltage resonant inverter circuits, etc. 


  • The RC-IGBT consists of a freewheeling diode (FWD) monolithically integrated in an IGBT chip 
  • High junction temperature: Tj = 175*C (max) 
  • Collector current (DC) max at 100*C : 30A  
  • Collector-emitter voltage max : 1350V 
  • High-speed switching: IGBT t f = 0.25 µs (typ.) (I C = 60 A) 
  • Package: TO-247 
  • Polarity IGBT: N-Channel 


– High operating temperature up to 175*C 

– Collector-emitter voltage max : 1350V 

– Collector current (DC) max at 100*C : 30A  

– High load capacity, low pressure drop 

– Energy saving, stable operation, easy to use. 

– High speed switching, quick switching 


  • Household appliances such as induction cookers 
  • Voltage-Resonant Inverter Switching 


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