Thinking Varistor TVR10471KSABK - Lightning protection capacitor

Thinking has launched a line of lightning protection capacitor products – Varistor TVR10471KSABK with the purpose of protecting electrical circuits against high and sudden voltage increases in a short period of time. 

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Surge arrester capacitor TVR10471KSABK is commonly used in most electronic circuits today. Compact, plug-in design and low cost, this component is often added to circuits by hardware engineers to ensure their devices are safe. With a high input voltage range of up to 300Vac, low power consumption and no change in performance in temperature conditions from -40 ~ 105*C. With the above advantages, TVR10471KSABK is the perfect product to protect electronic devices. 


– Input voltage (AC): 300Vac 

– Input voltage (DC): 385Vdc 

– Increased current up to 13KA 

– Power: 0.4 W 

– Maximum dual voltage: 775V max 

– Maximum dual current: 25A 

– Dimensions: 10×17.5 mm 

– Operating temperature range: -40 ~ 105*C 


–  Protect components from sudden increases in voltage 

– Compact design, low price 

– High range of operating parameters 


– Protect components on electrical circuits 

– Used in household appliances and industrial equipment 

– Lighting products 

– Smart meter 

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