Thinking - SCK13104MFY NTC THERMISTOR thermal measurement for electronic circuits with high performance

Thinking introduces the SCK13104MFY product line, which provides thermistors with negative temperature coefficients for thermal protection and heat measurement in electronic circuits. 

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In the evolving technological world, electrical and temperature measurements have become essential for many industries and applications. Thinking launched the NTC Thermistor SCK13104MFY product to meet the Vietnamese and international electronics markets. SCK13104MFY provides thermistor with negative temperature coefficient for thermal protection, thermal measurement in electronic circuits. With a compact design and reasonable price, it will help designers optimize the design, reducing the area and cost of the circuit. 

The SCK13104MFY thermistor is designed like a temperature sensor and operates effectively within a certain temperature range. Therefore, the product is often used for disconnection and thermal protection in electronic devices. Although the temperature range is only -40 ~ 200 *C, it is still higher than NTC products on the market today. and has been trusted by many designers. 

With the above advantages, SCK13104MFY will be the perfect product for office equipment such as printers, photocopiers or battery chargers, power supplies, … 


– Maximum current: 4A 

– Maximum power: 3.1W 

– Operating temperature: -40 ~ 200 *C 

– Dimensions: 13×17.5 mm 

– Maximum operating voltage: 240Vac 

– R25 at 25*C : 10ohm 

– Foot type: DIP 


– Compact size, high durability and easy to manufacture. 

– The temperature sensitivity of this thermistor is more than 5 times that of silicon thermal sensor and more than 10 times that of RTD thermistor 

– Wide operating temperature range from -40 ~ +200*C 

– Passed RoHS and HF certification 


– Disconnect and thermal protection in electronic circuits 

– Used to measure and compensate for temperature in self-operating devices in the office such as printers, photocopiers, etc. 

– Used in the battery charger protection block as well as the battery temperature 

– Used in power supplies to protect heat generation 

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