T-Global - TG-A4500 super soft heatsink for CPU, MCU with thermal conductivity up to 4.5 W/mk

T-Global introduces the TG-A4500 super soft heatsink product line for CPUs, MCUs and chips operating in high temperature environments. 

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Thermal pad TG-A4500 is one of T-Global’s high-performance silicone thermal insulation pads with thermal conductivity up to 4.5 W/mk. TG-A4500 can be supplied in standard sheet form or custom molded to any application.

In addition, TG-A4500 has ability compression resistance and adhesion with a thickness of only about 0.5 – 0.8 mm. The product does not affect any space or area on the circuit while still ensuring good heat dissipation quality.Furthermore, the operating temperature range is wide from -50*C to 180*C applications requiring the highest thermal resistance.

With the above advantages, TG-A4500 is the perfect product for applications such as electric vehicles, consumer devices, industry, healthcare, military, etc.


– Thermal conductivity coefficient: 4.5 W/mk 

– Thickness: 0.5 – 0.8 mm 

– Operating temperature: -50*C – +180*C 

– Hardness: 50 shore OO 

– Dielectric breakdown voltage: 6 kV/mm 


– Super soft heatsink, thin 

– High thermal conductivity coefficient 

– Low impedance 

– Works well in harsh environments 


– Electric motorbikes, electric cars 

– Consumer equipment 

– Medical 

– Military & Industry 

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