T-Global - TG-A38KF Thermal Pad, high performance for CPU,GPU,Chipset

T-Global has launched the #TG-A38KF product line which is a high performance, thermal pad for CPU, GPU, Chipset. 

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The TG-A38KF thermal pad has a soft look, a combination of silicone material and fiberglass reinforced carriers for easy handling. The TG-A38KF has low impedance, is suitable for low hardness surfaces and provides very high dielectric breakdown voltage due to the fiberglass layer. In addition to good heat dissipation, this type of heatsink also has an insulating function to help protect electronic devices and circuits from damage. TG-A38KF can be supplied in a variety of thicknesses and formats to help users customize to suit the application. 


 – Color: Blue 

– Thickness: 0.5 ~ 10mm 

– Operating temperature: -40 ~ +200 ° C 

– Thermal conductivity: 3.3 W/m•K 


– Soft interface 

– Good heat dissipation 

– Has electrical insulating properties 

– Many different thicknesses and formats 

– Difficult to deform 


– Heatsink for CPU, GPU, Chipset 

– Smart home devices 

– Electric motorbike 

– Automotive 

– Lighting equipment 

Contact EPI Vietnam Technologies – the authorized distributor of T-Global in Vietnam for better support on products and prices: 

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