Sunlord – TC Series Tantalum Capacitors with self-healing ability for electrical circuits

Sunlord has launched the TC2 series of highly stable tantalum capacitors. Tantalum capacitor TC2 has the ability to self-heal thanks to its internal structure made of manganese dioxide (MnO2), ensuring long-term use.  


Capacitor TC2 is designed with compact size and low price so it is used in many electrical circuits. Although the maximum working voltage and capacitance are not high, TC2 has very high accuracy, is effective in sensing and filtering signals, and meets EIA-535BAAC standards. TC2 Series Tantalum Capacitors with a capacitance range of up to 1000uF will be the perfect product for applications in Medical, Civil Electrical, Automotive, telecommunications equipment,… 


– Operating temperature: -55 ~ +125*C 

– There are many sizes: 3.2×1.6, 3.5×2.8, 6×3.2, 7.3×4.3 (mm) 

– Maximum voltage: 100V 

– Maximum capacitance: 1000uF 

– Color: Black or Yellow 


– Long lifespan 

– Resistant to high heat 

– Good performance, high accuracy 

– Self-healing ability 

– Low leakage current 

– Compact size, cheap price 


– Consumer electronics 

– Medical equipment 

– Telecommunications equipment 

– Automotive 

– Signal noise filtering applications 

Contact EPI Vietnam Technologies – the authorized distributor of Sunlord in Vietnam for better support on products and prices.

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