Sunlord – ASWPA series: High-performance wire-wound SMD power inductor for Automotive applications

ASWPA Series wire wound electric inductors from Sunlord combine many application features for everyday devices in life. 

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The ASWPA Series is a magnetic plastic shielded power inductor that reduces noise to the lowest possible level. The noise reduction product helps the inductor eliminate magnetic interference, stabilize the current and keep the signal passing through the circuit better.   

ASWPA chokes are created using a metallization process on a ferrite core to provide excellent shock resistance with high durability. In addition, the product’s magnetic protection structure provides reduced leakage and strong EMI resistance.   

ASWPA has a current rating 30% higher than conventional inductors of the same size, competitive price and compact size, easy to install in design. With the above advantages, ASWPA Series is the perfect product for applications such as infotainment systems, LED lights, airbags, ADAS, etc. 


– Inductance up to: 470uH 

– Maximum current: 7.2A 

– SRF self-capacity frequency: 1.9 Mhz Min 

– Tolerance: +- 20%, 30% 

– Operating temperature: -40 – 125*C 


– Good noise filtering 

– Durable 

– Good anti-leakage and EMI properties 

– Compact size 

– High current rating 


– Infotainment system 

– Led lighting 

– Air bag 


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