SIMCOM - Y7028 NB-IoT SIM Module is cost-effective with efficient data transmission capabilities

SIMCOM introduce the NB-IoT Y7028 product line which is a multi-band NB-IoT module solution of the SMT type.

Y7028 is suitable for many product lines with similar functions on the market without having to change the design to maximize customer investment and shorten time to market. The module has the ability to expand strong connections with other components through multi-dimensional interfaces such as UART, GPIO, etc. brings convenience and easy integration with many applications.

The Y7028 toward to serve applications requiring low latency and low throughput data transmission under a variety of radio transmission conditions. Unique combination of performance, security and expertise, Y7028 is ideally suited for devices such as measurement, remote monitoring, electronic health, fire alarm equipment, etc.


– Frequency range: Cat-NB2 B3/B5/B8/B20/B28

– NB-IoT

– Operating voltage: 2.2 ~ 4.2V

– Operating temperature: -40℃ to +80℃

– Supports features: UART, USIM card, ADC, GPIO, Warkup, Reset,…

– Uplink: 159Kbps, downlink: 127Kbps


– Can be used in low latency, low throughput data transmission applications

– High performance, security and flexibility

– Compatible with many product lines with similar functions on the market

– Compact size, competitive price

– Can update software via UART and FOTA

– Achieved RoHS, REACH certification


– Medical equipment

– Fire alarm

– Measure equipment

– Remote monitoring

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