Schottky diode – UJ3D1220K2: UnitedSiC compact design for resilience in harsh environments

MPS Shottky Diode generation – UJ3D1220K2 from UnitedSic is designed for high-performance electronic devices and frequency power systems. 

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UJ3D1220K2 is designed with 2 easy-to-use component pins and zero reverse recovery charge with a maximum operating temperature of up to 175*C. The product can operate in harsh environments but still ensures high performance and reliability.   

Belonging to the Schottky Diode line, UJ3D1220K2 has the ability to switch faster, helping to minimize problems during the conversion process compared to conventional diodes.   

In addition, UJ3D1220K2 also has a reverse voltage applied to Vrrm, up to 1200V, which will help prevent the diode from being reverse-polarized, limiting damage to the product and related equipment. With the above advantages, UJ3D1220K2 promises to be used in high-frequency and high-performance power system applications, power converters, industrial motors,… 


– Reverse voltage Vrrm (V): 1200 

– Maximum forward current If (A): 20 

– Operating temperature: -55 ~ 175*C 

– Foot type: TO-247-2L 

– Forward voltage Vf (V): 1.52 

– Power Pd (w) at 25*C : 205 


– Reliability and high operating temperature range 

– Extremely fast conversion regardless of temperature 

– Enhanced current surge capacity, MPS structure 

– 100% UIS tested 

– Meets AEC-Q101 quality standards 


– Used in high-frequency, high b-performance electrical equipment 

– Power converters 

– Industrial motor drivers 

– Power factor correction modules 

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