SAMWHA - RD1J107M0811MPF: Aluminum electrolytic capacitors with wide operating temperature range for power supply circuits

Capacitor RD1J107M0811MPF comes from Samwha – a product used for power supply circuits. 

RD1J107M0811MPF has a capacitance coefficient of 100uF, the detection current passing through the capacitor when not in use is low, only 63 uA, helping to minimize the possibility of current loss on the device. The product’s operating temperature range is wide from -40℃ to 105℃, ensuring good performance in high temperature conditions without affecting capacity.    

RD1J107M0811MPF has dimensions compatible with capacitors of the same value on the market today, so it can be changed conveniently. With the above advantages, RD1J107M0811MPF is the perfect product for customers to use for power supply circuit applications, noise filter circuits, etc. 


– Capacitance: 100 uF 

– Operating voltage: 63V 

– Tolerance: ±20 % 

– Operating temperature: -40 ~ +105 

– Leakage current: 63 uA 

– Load life: 1000H 


– Low leakage current 

– Wide operating temperature range 

– Stable operating capacity 

– Size compatible with many capacitor models on the market 


– Power circuit applications 

– Filter07M0811MP

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