SAMWHA – MK1V687M10020PA for optimizing current flow on electronic devices

Samwha introduces the MK1V687M10020PA capacitor product line for power applications.

With many years of experience in the field of capacitor research and development, Samwha launched the MK1V687M10020PA product with a capacitance coefficient of up to 680uF. The MK1V687M10020PA capacitor has the ability to use current to test the capacitor when not in use and only consumes 238uA, helping reduce power consumption on the device.

The operating temperature range from -40℃ to 105℃ ensures good performance in high temperature conditions and does not affect the operating capacity or size of devices. With the above advantages, MK1V687M10020PA is the perfect product for customers to use for power supply circuits, noise filter circuits, etc.


– Capacitance: 680uF

– Operating voltage: 35V

– Tolerance: ±20 %

– Operating temperature: -40 ~ +105℃

– Leakage current: 238 uA

– Load life: 5000H


– Low leakage current

– Wide operating temperature range

– Stable operating capacity

– Size compatible with many capacitor models on the market


– Power circuit applications

– Filter noise

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