RECOM - RPMGS12-20: 20A DC/DC converter with high temperature range works well in harsh environments

Recom introduces the RPMGS12-20 DC/DC converter 20A non-isolated mode product line with optimal performance 

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RPMGS12-20 is designed by RECOM with an effective heat dissipation system by reducing power to a minimum, even at high temperatures. The product has a wide input voltage range (18-75 Vdc) ensuring stable operation of the device, achieving output efficiency of up to 98%.  

RPMGS12-20 has a temperature range of up to 120*C, operating well in harsh environments. Remote control features such as low voltage lockout, overload, overheating and short circuit protection on the module all come standard.  RPMGS12-20 is the perfect product for DC/DC power converter applications, etc. 


 – Input voltage: 18-75VDC 

– Output voltage: 8-24VDC 

– Output current: 20A 

– Efficiency: 98% 

– Capacity: 240W 


– High efficiency up to 98% 

– Wide input voltage range 

– Low voltage, overload, overheating and short circuit protection functions. 

– Output current up to 20A 


– DC/DC Converter Applications. 

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