PHISON – PSE2A0WB: High durability eMMC 5.0 for Industrial & Automotive applications

Phison introduces the PSE2A0WB product with data speeds up to 400Mbyte/s, increasing the ability to access data quickly 

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PSE2A0WB is an integrated flash memory and achieves high performance thanks to the data rate carefully equipped by Phison. eMMC 5.0 has up to 32GB of storage memory, storing a lot of data from the device. Read and write speeds of up to 245/140 (MB/s) make eMMC able to achieve very good read/write performance.   

PSE2A0WB supports secure data deletion/allocation commands, protecting devices and data during use. eMMC operating temperature is up to 105*C but performance is not changed. With the above advantages, PSE2A0WB is the perfect product for automotive applications, embedded computers, phones, Tablets,… 


– eMMC 5.0 

– Storage memory: up to 32GB 

– Read/write speed: 245/140 MB/s 

– Maximum operating frequency: 200Mhz 

– Operating temperature: -40 – 105*C 

– Package: 153 Ball FBFA 


– Compact and convenient design 

– Reasonable product price 

– Optimize performance and speed 


– Automotive 

– Tablets 

– Phone 

– Embedded computer

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