PE91638 - High temperature Adapter

Pasternack has just released an adapter product, the PE91638. The product has two 2.4mm Male connectors, maximum frequency 50GHz, impedance 50 Ohm and voltage standing wave ratio 1.2:1.  


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PE91638 is constructed from stainless steel with a beryllium copper center contact for outstanding durability that protects expensive connectors with number of connect/ disconnect cycles is high. In particular, the product can operate with a very wide temperature range from -50 to 170 oC. With all the above advantages, PE91638 is a perfect product for military and defense applications. 


  • Stable connection, ensuring data transmission with fast speed and high frequency. 
  • Built for complex military and defense requirements. 
  • Durable, stable under extreme conditions. 


  • Dimension: 21.59 x 7.87 x 7.87 (mm) 
  • Operating temperature: -50oC – 170oC 
  • Frequency: DC (min) – 50GHz (max) 
  • Impedance: 50 Ohm 


  • Military 
  • Defense  

PE91638 CAD Drawing:

Learn more: High Temperature Adapter 2.4mm Male to 2.4mm Male, 50GHz VSWR1.2, MIL-STD 348B

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