PE15A63022, AC Powered Low Noise Amplifier

Pasternack has just released a low noise AC powered amplifier, the PE15A63022.

The PE15A63022 is designed with excellent anti-noise ability, ensuring stable performance and high efficiency. Besides, PE15A63022 offers a wide frequency range, making them ideal for use in a variety of applications, military, 5G networks and space systems. 


  • Low noise, only 2.5 dB, helps ensure high performance. 
  • High gain, allowing small signals to pass smoothly 
  • Broadband, suitable for many applications. 
  • Connector options. 


  • AC Voltage: 110 VAC – 240VAC 
  • Connector series: SMA 
  • Typ gain: 36 dB 
  • Max noise figure: 2,5 dB 
  • Frequency min/ max: 10Mhz/ 3Ghz 


  • Military 
  • 5G 
  • Spacesystems 

CAD Drawing:

Contact EPI Vietnam Technologies – the authorized distributor of PASTERNACK in Vietnam for technical support and samples.