PE-P142LL: Pasternack new generation coaxial cable

Coaxial cables are widely used today for high-frequency signal transmission and electromagnetic interference prevention, as well as radio frequency interference.

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Pasternack introduces the PE-P142LL coaxial cable product line, known for its excellent flexibility, low loss with three layers of protection, and it is favored for use in various applications.

Technical Specifications:

– Operating Frequency: 0 – 18 GHz

– Impedance: 50 Ω

– VSWR (Voltage Standing Wave Ratio): 1.35:1

– Velocity of Propagation (VoP): 80%


  1. Exceptional Flexibility: PE-P142LL allows for easy installation, even in challenging environments, making setup and maintenance more convenient.
  2. Low Transmission Loss: With a minimal attenuation of only 8.2 dB at 1 GHz, it ensures minimal signal loss during transmission.
  3. High Power Handling: With a maximum power handling capability of 820 W at 1 GHz, PE-P142LL can meet the most demanding energy requirements, delivering high performance and reliability.
  4. Strong Triple-Layer Protection: The three-layer protective design provides superior protection against interference and signal degradation, making PE-P142LL ideal for applications requiring high signal accuracy.
  5. Wide Frequency Range: Supporting frequencies up to 18 GHz, it easily adapts to various applications, helping you tackle complex challenges in your system.
  6. Durable FEP Jacket: Enhancing durability and environmental resilience, the FEP jacket ensures longevity and stable performance.


– Low-loss cable systems

– Automated Test Equipment (ATE) and automatic testing devices

– Test systems with long cable runs

– Antenna Jumpers

– Rugged Environments

Contact EPI Vietnam Technologies – the authorized distributor of PASTERNACK in Vietnam for technical support and samples.