PASTERNACK - PEANGPS1017 : Active GPS Antenna Dual Band L1/L2 N-Type Female, MIL-STD-810, TAA Compliant

GPS antenna product line PEANGPS1017 – dual-band L1/L2 with N-Type connector from Pasternack is groundbreaking with high applicability 

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Currently, driverless cars are gradually becoming popular and are considered a new technology, an innovative and highly effective change. Understanding that, Pasternack offers the GPS antenna product line PEANGPS1017 – dual-band L1/L2 with N-Type connector.   

PEANGPS1017 is a dual-band antenna with a gain of up to 20 dBi, giving the device wide coverage and the ability to receive accurate positioning signals. In addition, the product also stands out with good moisture and shock resistance, ensuring protection when operating outdoors or in harsh environments.    

PEANGGPS1017 operates at frequencies of 1.215-1.239 GHz and 1.563-1.587 GHz, which can be changed to suit the environment and receive GPS signals accurately. The product is designed to mount according to US 4-hole standards or NATO 3/6 hole models, providing certainty during movement and continuous use. With the above advantages, PEANGPS1017 will be the perfect product for GPS navigation applications, military, unmanned vehicles, etc. 


– Dual Band L1/L2 

– Dual frequency: 1.215-1.239 GHz and 1.563-1.587 GHz 

– Gain: 20 dBi, Noise Figure 3dB 

– Altitude: 20km 

– Operating voltage: 1.8-5.5 VDC 

– Current: 16mA 


– High precision 

– Resistance to moisture, shock, vibration, etc. meets standards 

– Dual band 

– Wide transceiver range 


– GPS navigation device 

– Military devices 

– Unmanned Vehicles/Vessels 

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