Pasternack - PEANGPS1011 GPS antenna for efficient concentration of radiant energy

Pasternack introduces the PEANGPS1011 GPS antenna product line operating at 1575 Mhz, 31.5 dBi IP66 standard to serve GPS tracking and positioning device applications. 

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Most smart electronic devices today are equipped with a GPS global positioning system, helping users determine their location anywhere with high accuracy. Understanding this essential need, Pasternack’s GPS Active PEANGPS1011 Antenna will be a product that will receive attention and trust because of its right circular polarized design with a rare Neodymium magnet, integrated to securely mount on an iron cabinet or cabinet in the car. 

PEANGPS1011 is a high quality SMA male antenna that meets GPS L1 requirements by operating in the frequency range 1574 Mhz to 1577 Mhz. The antenna is designed according to IP66 standards with dust resistance and the ability to resist high pressure water jets. Therefore, the product can operate outdoors well. 

Besides, PEANGPS1011 is equipped with high gain up to 31.5 dBi, has very good directionality, waves travel long distances, effectively concentrates energy to radiate or receive electromagnetic waves in a specific direction. With the above advantages, PEANGPS1011 will be the perfect product for smartphone applications, automobiles or communication positioning devices… by receiving GNSS signals from satellite constellations. 


– Operating frequency: 1574 – 1577 Mhz 

– Gain: 31.5 dBi 

– Plug: SMA 

– IP66 standard 

– Current consumption: 8.5 mA 

– Impedance: 50 Ohm 


– High gain up to 31.5 dBi 

– Water resistant and dust resistance 

– Low current consumption 


– Accurate positioning equipment

– Car positioning

– Smartphone device

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