PASTERNACK - PE20DV1048 : 4-port power divider 6GHz - 18 GHz

The PE20DV1048 power divider product from Pasternack has 4 output ports with an operating frequency range from 6GHz to 18 GHz. 

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PE20DV1048 with output power up to 30W ensures stable performance per channel. The product has an isolation level of less than 19 dB, a maximum attenuation of 1 dB to safely protect the isolation equipment system, to prevent electromagnetic current from passing through.   

PE20DV1048 has a low standing wave ratio VSWR of less than 1.55:1, limiting the possibility of power dissipation, signal interference and increasing transmission efficiency. In addition, Pasternack’s 4-channel power divider meets standards for moisture, vibration, and shock resistance, suitable for applications such as communication systems, amplifier systems, amplifier power dividers, and other products. no universe,…. 


–  Frequency range: 6 GHz to 18 GHz 

–  Impedance: 50 Ohms 

–  Attenuation: < 1 dB 

–  Power: 30W 

–  4 output channels 

–  VSWR : < 1.55:1 


 –  Wide band operation 

–  Power 30W 

–  Resistant to humidity, vibration, and shock 

–  Good signal transmission ability 

– High performance 


– Communication systems 

– Amplifier systems 

– Amplifier power dividers 

– Aerospace 

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