NISSHINBO - NJR4234BW: Sensor module for calculating object distance through intelligent signal processing

The NJR4234BW distance measurement sensor module product from Nisshinbo is capable of measuring the distance to moving  or fixed objects with a measurement range of more than 20 meters. 

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NJR4234BW operates with the 24 GHz band, the antenna and processing circuit are compactly packaged with dimensions of 38 x 38 x 4.2 mm, suitable for applications requiring small space. The sensor capable product of measuring distance using microwaves, so it can detect moving objects by intelligent signal processing. This sensor can even detect stationary objects as well as have the function of calculating and providing the distance of indoor and outdoor objects.   

In addition, the NJR4234BW is equipped with a unique algorithm to prevent radio interference, so multiple sensors can be used in the same location. With the ability to connect to other devices via the UART connection protocol, NJR4234BW is used in many applications such as: security devices, presence sensors, traffic control systems, industrial drones. industry, FA robot, parking management system,… 


– Operating frequency: 24 GHz 

– Operating voltage: 0- 6.5 V 

– Measuring range: 0 – 20 meters 

– Connection interface: UART 

– Current consumption: 37 mA 

– Integrated antenna, RF circuit, MCU on the sensor 


– Wide object detection range 

– Compact size 

– Accurate detection ability 

– Good noise cancellation ability 

– Can detect moving and static objects 


– Security equipment 

– Presence sensors 

– Traffic control systems 

– Industrial drone 

 – FA robot 

 – Parking management system,… 

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